Problem with hour format copying in query from a master sheet to a subsheet

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I'm using microsoft query in excel to copy data from one master sheet to other sub-sheet in same workbook but when it copies a column formatted as Hour (hh:mm:ss) from the master sheet it copies 00:00:00 in the sub-sheet column formatted as hour (hh:mm:ss)

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can you explain in a bit more detail how you bring the data from one sheet to the other? Microsoft Query does not work in Excel online, so I'm having trouble understanding what you are actually doing. Can you post a screenshot? Or a sample file?

My apologies, then, this request is in the wrong group.


Thank you Ingeborg.


OK, so you removed the tag for Excel online, but I still don't know details about your query or about your data. It's hard to answer such a vague question. Please post more detail.