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I explain you the context,

I have an excel file shared on a network. On this network, we have various computers whose a minor part have very old Excel version.

On this network, I have put an excel workfile with check boxes aligned with a column, I have Excel 2013.

Somebody in my office has modified my file and saved it. At this moment the file was good. But when I reopen the file, all the check boxes are shifted on the left.


How can I fix it ?



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Unfortunately, the only way to fix this is by manually moving the checkboxes back in place. BTW: This is not a version issue per se, this can also happen if everyone uses the same version. One way to avoid having to move all controls back is to add some VBA code to the file which is capable of reading a small table which contains columns for Control Name, Left position and Top position and then move those controls to the indicated locations. It is not very hard to generate such a table when all checkboxes are where they are supposed to be.

@Jan Karel PieterseThank you very much,

Sorry for the delay of my answer, but finally I have grouped my checkboxes and that seems to work.

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