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The date like 1/1/2021 could be received by


Didn't catch how that's linked to monthly dates column.

Thank you Sergei !! It worked !!!! I just needed to create a arbitrary date keeping the month and year same ,, Its for the purpose to use time intelligence function in power bi.

@UserExcel , glad it helped

As a comment, usual practice now is to use EOMONTH instead of MonthKey in Date / Calendar table, not first of month. But that's up to you.

Thank you Serge, I have only month and year in my data so I need only date which was missing to use time intelligence ,, my boss is concerned with the monthly and quarterly visual report,, not in daily basis ,,,,

Hi Sergie ,, I have the value of 3 as a month number and 2021 as a year ,, I would like to get a 3/3/2021,, Can you help me ??

Year Month Date
2 2021 3 3/3/2021

How do i get the date from only month and year like above ??


That's the same DATE() function. If third day of the month is hardcoded, when

=DATE( A2, B2, 3)


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