Problem with creating external reference to another workbook

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I tried looking for a solution to my problm but no luck. When trying to link a cell from different workbook I used the =cell adress method. It work when both workbooks are opened but when I open just the destination workbook the data shows error and in the formula the name of spreadsheet in source workbook is missing. 



 Both workbooks are in the same local disk but different folders. Manually changing the missing name fixes the issue but doing that everytime defeats the puropse of spreadsheet. Thank you for any response

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under Fromulas/Calc Options, make sure it's on auto.
Review your settings in: File/Options/Formulas and Advanced/Link Handling and
make sure under When calculating this workbook "Update links to other documents" is checked. review if you need "save external link values"


Thank you. Changing the safety setting solved the problem