Problem with a linked picture in Excel file.

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Hi. I have a 3 x sheet (data, collation, final table) Excel file.

The table updates as the data changes.

I have highlighted and copied the table and then under Home tab have placed this table in sheet 1(data) as a linked picture. Fine. As the data changes the table updates. I have then hidden and protected the sheets and file so there is just one ‘page’.

The problem: when I share the file with someone, even if they download it from Onedrive, the linked picture is missing from the screen. How can I fix this? Thanks for any help. Dennis

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Is it because that other sheet is protected &/or hidden?
Hi. I don't know but I don't think so. The hidden sheet/table does not stop the the table updating with me. I thought maybe there is a better way to link the table other than as a linked picture so that it updates but retains the format of the underlying table. Thanks for your input. Dennis
couldn't you just use a formula like ='Final Table'!A1:X99 to repeat the table and then you can add protection on this data sheet to protect those cells but leave the areas they need to edit unlocked? To that end, why even have the table on another sheet? Maybe because I don't have the file I'm just not getting the whys or hows.
Hi. Using a formula as you suggest brings the data from the table in to the sheet but the formatting doesn't come with it. I could re-do the whole thing with the table on the ist sheet to begin with but I then have to re-do all of the formulae again.
If you copy (or cut) and paste the table won't all the formatting come with it? In the other option you can also copy and past formatting only. You can also use the paint brush to copy formatting. Again, without the workbook, it is hard to understand what the specific challenge(s) and providing actual examples of solutions.
Back to your original question about the linked picture. I created one and uploaded it to a sharepoint server and tried to view it in the browser and found:
a) it isn't supported by the browser version
b) and if you click edit it will get removed so even if you then click download to desktop version you will download a version without the linked picture
c) I'm wondering what version of desktop are they running and if maybe the linked image isn't supported in their desktop versions.
Thanks for your input. For now I am going to assume I don't find a fix and will email to recipients as opposed to making a link to Onedrive or Dropbox for a download. Meanwhile, I'll work on other minor tweaks and let the problem mill around in my mind. Thanks again. Dennis
Please update me if you find what the problem or solution is, I would love to know more.
I am in the process of converting a macro-based user login workbook that shows their individual training records into a hybrid version that users can access and use in the browser (or desktop app) and this linked image might be handy (but luckily I haven't encountered your issue yet because I went with the cell based copy of info for what I have done so far)
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Hi. I will keep you posted if I find a solution without going back to the beginning. At the time I thought about designing it so it was on the first sheet but I am now where I am. Thanks and I will be in touch if ..Dennis