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If i want to do a valuation data sheet for work.

In a demo of a certain program my colleges are gona right a 1, 3 or a 5 depending on what they thought about the demo. Depending on what they choose a diff value should show up in the cell beside.

There Will be 53 questions with this alternative to choose 1, 3 or 5 and in the cells where the new value is in Will be autosumm till Max point of 50p

So if they give a 1 is 0, if given a 3 its 0,48 and given a 5 is 1,35 wich give the Max 50p.

How do I create this in excel?

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@Myname500 Perhaps like in the attached file. Though I don't understand why you would come to a max of 50 points in this set-up.


Sorry it been change to 70 points
Thats exactly what I needed!
Thank u so much!