Problem to perform every graphic with excel with IOs

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Dear all, 


I have a problem with excel since September 2018, I did all the updates on the side of IOs and the office pack but unfortunately I can no longer open my files which contain graphics and conversely I can no longer creating graphs is quite urgent, I have to make a report which must contain graphs.

Thanks for your help,

L. Léost

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If you have another system, you can send one of the Excel workbooks to that system and try to open.. If it opens on another system, then you will know where the problem is coming from

In addition, you can follow the guide in the link below to try to solve the problem


Thank you for your response but the procedure that you sent me to solve excel problems is dedicated for windows and not for MAC. My software knowledge is quite limited. I tried to open them with another computer and my files are very open, I think the problem comes from the operating system of the mac but despite the updates, the problem is not resolved ...
I tried to look in the excel options on MAC but it is really done differently.
thanks for your consideration



Ohkk... I never knew you're using Mac... Its true that the reply given works with Windows.