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hi everybody,
I am on excel 1019 , i am try to insert column chart, after i chocie data and go to insert ribbion and choice chart ...the chart appear whithout columns !!! why ???
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@zainab_alsaeed You probably did not highlight the data range(s) to be plotted. Look at the tutorial in the attached link to see how it works. 

i highlight data,but that does not work

@zainab_alsaeed Difficult to help if you don't share your file.

@Riny_van_Eekelen thank you to help me , this is the file called priblem

@zainab_alsaeed Have a look at the attached file. I inserted a column chart. Click in either of the charts and on the Chart Design ribbon, choose Select Data. See how my chart is set up and compare it to yours. Then you'll see that yours is pointing to the wrong range for the data and the horizontal axis labels.

ok I check that , and see proplem , please tell me how to solve that
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Easiest would be to move the Amount column to right of the months. Select both the months and the amounts. Insert and select chart type.



Select F3:F6 (amounts), Insert, select the type of chart and that chart will appear instantly.

Now select G3:G6 (months). Ctrl-C (i.e. Copy).

Select the horizontal axis labels on the chart (still showing 1,2,3,4). Ctrl-V (i.e. Paste).

thank you very much