Problem of countif and resizing chart in separate sheet.


I need help on 2 problems. The first is my count if function is not working. It does not change the count even though my variable range changes. The count function is in cell H18 in the attached workbook. The other problem I have is that I am not able to resize my chart when move to a separate sheet.

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@Liphor What do you mean? when I change the "Catch" slicer to another region the count changes with it. And so does the chart.




If you change the "catch" slicer to Ahning , the count should be 28 but my count no is still 50.

@Liphor  But it does for me!



Oh I am sorry as I think I have corrected it already. But what about the problem not able to resize the chart in another sheet.

@Liphor But the chart follows the data. So the Ahning chart will show 1992 through 2019.



However when I move the chart to a separate sheet in my attachment, I am not not able to change the size of to a size that I want like when having the chart on the same sheet.

@Liphor Well, then don't move it into it's own (dedicated) sheet, but into another (regular) worksheet. For instance, a sheet called myCharts.



I tried moving the chart to a new sheet , I get my chart but I still can't resize it to the the size I want.
I finally able to resize as earlier I misunderstood the meaning of dedicated sheet. TQVM

@Liphor See attached.