Problem getting a formula to work I think it needs an if Then

Mark Bose

I am having an issue trying to figure out how to do this if its possible.  In the attached sample I have a field called client field values.  If the user enters text the formatting changes so it is easy to see. I have a default label for the item. I also have a form control box on if the item is active.   I currently have thisworking if the user adds a value the field changes color.  I want to add the option that if the client field value has not been updated and the user wants to use the default value they can select the active checkbox.  If there is not user entered value in the box it will copy default value and change the color.  If the user selects the active checkbox and there is a value entered in the client field value the value that was entered is shown.  I want this as a formula instead of a VB script or macro so it does not have issues running in systems with restrictions. Any advice is appreciated.