Probably an easy fix. Excel question.

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When I save a file to Excel and try to email it out only the first page of the worksheet sends. I am sure I missed a box somewhere or something else silly. Advise would be greatly appreciated. 



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Could you spell out in greater detail the steps you've gone through that precede this circumstance?


It sounds more like you're sending an image of the first page, or a print or perhaps a PDF rather than the actual Excel file.


So walk us through in detail the steps you've taken to

  1. save the file to Excel
  2. email it out

By emphasizing "in detail" I mean spell out menu clicks to save, filename used, extension in file name; similarly, how has it been emailed...attachment? How does it appear in the email? For example, here's a screen capture from an email to which I attached a spreadsheet. It's clearly an Excel spreadsheet, from the image and the file name......