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I have been having trouble printing out my excel spreadsheet with gridlines. I need them to make it easier for me to see the numbers and text.

What is happening is when the preview comes up it looks fine but when I print it I find words or let

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With your permission, if I can recommend. It can help us all if you upload an Excel file (without sensitive data), no picture. Even if it is said that a picture can say a thousand words, it is certainly not in the case of Excel, on the contrary in some cases. This would also be a blessing for all of us, as we can understand the problem much better, a win-win situation for everyone.

* Knowing the Excel version and operating system would also be an advantage.


Thank you for your understanding and patience




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It could be printer driver settings in part of printing quality. You may check on another printer, e.g. Print to PDF if gridlines are printed or not.