Printing named ranges

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Re:  EXCEL 2007

I have a series of ranges in one worksheet that together comprise a multi-page list of items (songs in playlists).  Til now, I've been selecting the range and printing it from the PRINT/SELECTION command.  This takes considerable time.


I've named a few of the ranges and tried to print them, but there seems to be no method to do just that.  Is there a way to print a named range in EXCEL? 

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@Sergei Baklan Any chance of doing it programmatically, (preferable C#)


Most probably yes, but that's not my territory. At least Office Script allows to set multiple print areas like

function main(workbook: ExcelScript.Workbook) {
    const sheet = workbook.getActiveWorksheet()
            sheet.getRanges("rangeA, rangeB")