Printing more than 1 copy of Entire Workbook, will not collate

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I have a workbook of 12 tabs.  When I try to print multiple copies of the entire workbook, the output is not collating, even though I have it set to collated.  I've checked my printer settings, preferences, & properties.  Can anyone give me an idea of where this issue is or might be?



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Print a workbook

Note: If a worksheet has defined print areas, Excel will print only those print areas. If you don't want to print only the defined print area, select the Ignore print area check box. Learn more on setting or clearing a print area.

*If If you print the saved file on a different printer (than the default printer set by Windows), the page breaks and font spacing may change.


*By default, a shared workbook is set to save "Print Settings" and "Filter Settings" per user. So if the shared Excel file contains an auto filter, each user will have their own view saved. Under "View" - "User-defined views" the views that have already been saved can be called up and deleted again.

To prevent user-defined views from being saved, the "Filter settings" option can be deactivated when the workbook is shared under "Review" - "Share workbook" - "Other" tab. If this is a shared file, that could also be an issue.


If I may recommend, always inform about the digital environment of your file. Excel version, operating system, storage medium. If possible insert file (without sensitive data). This would lead to a more accurate and faster solution proposal.


Hope I could help you with these information / link.



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Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately it doesn't address my issue. I'm using Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise. Specifically, Microsoft® Excel® for Microsoft 365 MSO.
My issue is that when printing multiple copies of an entire workbook, it isn't printing collated, even though I have the collate option selected. In other words, if I'm printing 10 copies of a Workbook, I'm getting 10 copies of page 1, then 10 copies of pg 2, and so on. I want it to print the Workbook, page 1 through, in this case pg 12, 10 times, so that I don't have to manually put the pages in to book order. Does that make sense?