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I have created a planner page in Excel and I want to duplicate it and print it on the back of the same page. The pages will be bound on the left. The page is an odd size (7" x 9.25") but I plan to print on 8.5" x 11" then cut down to the correct size.  

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I didn't quite understand what you want exactly through the translation, but here are the changes in the file as I understood them.


Maybe this will help you further in your project


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In the file you have duplicated sheet, if you mean to print at once both sheets on both side you may adjust settings in File->Print (what to print and other settings)



@BChurch16 ,,,


Let me say something about the standard printer that how it works.


  1. Standard printer attached to the CPU never works like XEROX machine.
  2. Suppose you have 4 pages to print and you want to print,, Page 2 ON BACK OF PAGE 1, also Page 4 ON BACK OF PAGE 3 ,,, 
  3. While print setting, you find Pages   to , this facilitates like Pages 1 to 10 (suppose you have 50 Pages).
  4. In your case , first print page 1 and 3.
  5. Then Insert the same pages put upside down,,, & print 2 and 4.

You find Page 1, and behind is page 2,,, like that 3 and behind is 4.


  • This is the only possibility if you are using a standard printer with CPU.
  • If your CPU is attached with XEROX, nowadays in most of the offices people use setup like this, then only by using the XEROX machine setup, you can print page 2 behind page 1.


Now check the attached file, I've pulled planner from Sheet 2  to Sheet 1, and set the page ,, 8 .5 " x11".  All are set, print page 1 then flip the page &  insert same page and print page 2.


You get Page 2 behind Page 1.