printing in excel 2016

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When I go to print a simple spreadsheet it doesn't print all of the letters and borders almost as if there is a translation issue but I tested the printer and it is fine.  It prints emails, etc perfectly fine.  Any ideas?

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@socaljp So when you print, the information is cut off, as if the margin is not set right? Or, specific information in the worksheet itself is being mishandled after it's printed?

Is is just one sheet? Or a whole work book?


@AccotinkCaptainNo, the letters and grid lines are incomplete   For example, the word meds only has m d .  no e or s.  I think it must be a translation issue between Excel 2016 and the HP printer because the printer prints everything else perfectly.  I just don't know how to address the problem.


@AccotinkCaptain  Also its just one sheet

have you tried printing this sheet to PDF instead to your HP printer. Does it work when you print to PDF?
Also maybe try to update your printer's driver

@socaljp - I agree with @PascalKTeam. try updating drivers. 


Another thing you could try is changing the font. 


Here is an article for Windows Server 2008 and XP (something to try) - MS Article