Printing Gigantic Spreadsheets To A Plotter

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Hello Everyone. Very much in need of help.

In my office we are needing to print a very large spreadsheet (by which I mean it has many columns and rows) to a plotter printer. 

After many painful hours of adjusting settings, looking online for answers, and so on, we have not managed to make it work. The closest we have gotten is for it to fit mostly on one A0 page, with the last few columns spilling over onto a second page, which means vast amounts of the remaining paper of "page 2" are printed white, and then we have to manually cut and stick these remaining columns on by hand. 

Please help us be spared the next year and beyond of manually cutting and sticking these spreadsheets!


The spreadsheet goes up to column LL, and has 167 rows.

The plotter is a colour Canon IPF770. It prints at a width of 914mm, and can be set to any length as you desire. We've literally printed 3 meters long before so there should be no issue printing. We use it frequently for prints from acrobat or preview or other programs, up to very long lengths, much longer than what is required for this document. The reason we are only printing up to A0 length is that any more and the document still spills over onto page 2 and just generates white space on the right of page 1. It seems like the document would fit snugly on a size only slightly longer than A0 without issue, if we could get this to work!


We have tried adjusting the print page breaks, the lines turn dotted and cannot be moved any further.


We seem infuriatingly restricted by the program, not being able to adjust the actual page size of the document above A3 (on the page layout tab), not being able to shrink the document to less than 10%, "fit to 1 by 1 pages" not doing so, among many other irritations that make it hard to decipher the source of the issue.


Happy to go through everything and anything to eliminate any possible problems.

ANY suggestions are very welcome!


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@alicelatrobe It's unfortunate no one has replied to this yet, because I'm having the same issue and have been googling for help! No luck. Were you able to figure out the problem? I don't want to shrink my spreadsheet to print whatever size the paper is set to (i.e. ArchD, A, etc)...I want my paper length to fit the size of my spreadsheet. Google doesn't seem to understand what I'm trying to do, haha.