Printing Double Sided in Excel 2016

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I have my excel workbook set up so that each sheet is one section. I would like to print each section double sided, but not crossover into the next section. For example, I don't want the last page of the first section to be on the same physical page as the first page of the next section. 


Is there a way to do this in settings and still print the entire workbook as opposed to printing each sheet separately?



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If I understand what you're describing here, you're trying to accomplish in Excel what Word makes easy with Section Break Odd Page in Word's "Insert Break" function.


If Excel doesn't have that--and I'm assuming you've looked even harder than I just did--one suggestion would be to "print to PDF" and then use a package like PDF Expert to insert a blank page as the otherwise missing even numbered page on the back of the last page of the preceding section. Granted, that's not as neat a solution as having Excel just do it for you, but you'd have your new sections beginning on the odd numbered pages as desired.