Printing different Print area sizes on different pages.

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I'm trying to figure out if its possible to print 2 print areas on 2 different pages (on the same sheet) to have different cell sizes and still have the same width when printing.
Say the cell size is A1:J50 and A51:S100 and I want to print the sheets full width for two sheets. Right now when I try this I only can see that the wider sheet prints with 1 width, but the smaller sheet prints much smaller than the page size.

Furthermore, since the second page is more suited for landscape and the first page portrait, is it possible to set this as well?
I've seen one time someone being able to print both pages at 1 page width, although I'm not sure whether this was done by tediously printing/exporting 1 page at a time then merging the excel sheet. I'm also not sure if this is a feature in the enterprise version. I have Office 365 2016.

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A sheet has just one print area, paper size, margin settings, zoom percentage. If you need very different settings for any of those, consider using two sheets just for printing or perhaps a macro.
You can record one doing these steps:
- Set up first area the way you like and print it
- Repeat for second one
- Stop recorder
This macro should now give you two prints the way you selected during recording.

Hello Jan,
Thank you for the response. I am aware that, yes, it would be a better solution to have it on different sheets, but its very curious to me that someone else was able to do this.


The discussion is about whether it is possible to print multiple pages in different sizes. In case it wasn't clear attached are some reference pictures.

In the pdf copies, you can see that they are printed perfectly. It's just hard to think they did this all manually and made their lives more difficult by setting each print area and exporting one page at a time for 15-20 documents with 2-10 pages instead of just having it on 2 sheets or making a macro for each of these pages, which is highly unlikely since the excel they had provided did not have any macros. My guess is that there must be some method to their madness.



I suspect the second table is actually a (linked) picture of a table located somewhere else. That was the next thing I was going to suggest. Google for excel camera tool and you'll find plenty instructions

Very neat solution! I still don't think this is how they accomplished it but I'll give it a shot with this.