Printing a document with data from a table.

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I know this should be simple, but it's escaping me right now.  In the attached file are 2 sheets. i want to be able to print the Master sheet with the data from the Names sheet/table.


I really don't understand why I am having so much trouble grasping this, but any help would be appreciated.  I would also like a link to the appropriate help topic.


Thanks in advance.

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May be I do not fully understand your need, but if you provide some context to the issue and give data samples, someone might be able to help. It’s probably something a Vlookup or the Consolidation function can easily achieve.



Link to the tutorial your solution is based off on:

Here is your solution. When you want to put the name, click on the Name textbox, and type the first few letters of the name then click the drop down toggle, if you are using the web version of excel the drop down list will just automatically drop down for you to choose the name:


to replace the names in the name sheet, just highlight all the sample names, then press delete then copy the actual names you need to use for your purpose.


Create a searchable drop-down list in Excel using the FILTER function. This is the easiest way to set up a searchable list. Download the file used in the vid...
I included the form i wanted help with in OP. I need the Weekly Notes Master sheet to print one for each and every Individual in the Names sheet.
This was great Information. But, I am still not seeing how to achierve my goal of printing 1 weekly master notes for each and every individual on the names sheet. I havent actually tried to print it. I have just been using the print preview. Would that make a difference. Do i need to create a Word Document and use mail merge? I really thought doing it in Excel only would be simpler.
I was going to suggest MailMerge, in fact. That would be very easy; its whole purpose is to run through a list like that (and can be made much more complex in fact); in Excel you'd probably have to write a macro or VBA routine. It could be done. But with MailMerge, it HAS been done.



Why don't you make the form in a word document, attach it on this post, including the list of house and their occupants in them, and i'll help you create the word mail merge with the data list being in excel.



ok Thanks, I will try to get that done in next few days