Print to PDF problems


Has anyone else had issues printing to Microsoft 'Print to PDF'?

I am told it can't be done, explained by the below dialogue box.

I presume it has to be to do with memory somewhere, as I don't believe there could be a network connection issue, or a loose cable involved in printing to PDF.

Any help here is gratefully appreciated.



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If I may suggest, please add a file (without sensitive data) and describe your plan on it. The error could be identified faster and more specifically. Please no picture, even if it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, it is definitely not in the case of Excel.

This means that you can be helped more quickly and the best possible solution tailored to your needs can be offered. So everyone is helped.

Help to be helped.


* It's always good to add your operating system and Excel version.


Thank you for your understanding and patience.



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