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Hi. I am using the LQ 310 printer. I am not sure if it has a connection between the file, margin of the file and printer. The problem is  their is this space that I seen in print preview and I could not use it. I adjusting the margin, but I doesn't help. This is a custom paper.  The image on the right is the print preview. That red line space is what I am trying shorten so that I could use it.


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Which exactly is the printer?
EPSON LQ 310 dot matrix printer?
Is it a PDF document?
Most of the time, these dot matrix printers have the problem in these documents.
It would be best if this repeats itself as an error only for a certain file, including inserting (without sensitive data), to see whether it could also be in Excel or PDF. So I can only guess.

Maybe this setting helps:
Go to the ...
Basic settings
Quality options
Paper options
Select this check box if you want to print without margins.
This option allows you to print on all four edges of the paper.
See Borderless Printing
... don't forget to press OK at the end.

This printer now makes it possible to print on all four sides of the sheet without a margin. Printing with this function takes longer than normal printing. The print quality may be poor at the top and bottom of the printout, or the top and bottom margins may be smeared when printing on media other than those listed above. Before printing large jobs, print a single sheet of paper to check quality. If the application has margin settings, make sure they are set to zero before printing.

Basically, always print carefully with the borderless.

I would be happy to know if I could help.

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