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I made a large excel worksheet (160 l x 160 c), that I would like to print at A1 height (24", 60 cm), but that would take over 120", 300 cm length. Is that at all possible?

(e.g.  printer with roll paper feed)

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It is possible by installing a printer, even if only virtual, that can do DIN A1 or by creating a user-defined page layout.

In Excel itself, (as far as I know) there are no setting options for this.


If you want to print it as A1, you could print / save it in PDF file and then print it to the plotter as A1 using PDF Creator. This is intended as a detour solution. From this moment on, Excel is logically out ...


Or print out A1-sized posters in 4x A3 formats, if the printer can only print until then. In the printer's own settings; look for any poster option for dismantling, if available. Alternatively, look for freeware software for posters and print from them. Take a Look at the Windows Shop.


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