print first row and other non-consecutive rows

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I have a spreadsheet with information on types of plant seeds. Information in row 1 of all columns are standard gardening questions, like "When to plant or transplant?"; "Depth to plant"; "How much sun and water?"; "How to harvest?", etc.


From Row 2 down, Column 1 is the name of plants, the other columns answer specific plant questions for each plant type. It's the simplest way to organize information. 


I want to print row 1, so I can see what each column is telling me and any other row(s) I select.. For example, if I wanted to print row 7, for Kentucky Wonder beans; row 27, radishes; row 48 for tomato plant; and, row 57, for zucchini plant. I want all of these to print out on the same page without printing out the whole spreadsheet. How do I do it? I'm sure it's possible.


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The rows to be printed will have to be together, without gaps in between.

There are several ways to do this:

  • Copy the rows you want to print to another worksheet, and print that sheet.
  • Manually hide the rows that you don't want to print.
  • Add a column in which you enter an x or 1 in the rows that you want to print. You can then filter the data on that column; this will hide all other rows. You can exclude this column from the Print Area.
Thank you SOOO much! I wish I'd know this much sooner!