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Hi All,

Hope you are doing well!...Can you please me with this problem below..I am providing the data and the expected output below: I have three columns Product ID,Company and Price ..B&Co is my company..I am trying to compare the product price of my company to other companies and trying to get the difference between B&Co price and the lowest price for this product....Also below the table output that I am expecting...I have attached the excel file too for the same..Note: Some of the company names are blank ...Also I have data for about 1000 products like this...Trying to build the output table as outlined below here:Can you please help!!

Product ID Company Price 

5678             B&co       4
                     Coke       12
                   Red rhino  3
                Discountland 3.5

8945    B&co     10
        Dataalchemy 7
       Unknown       9
       Traveltools     6.5

9022           50
        B&co  40
      BeezBee 45
      Junipers  48

Expected output :

Product ID B&co Price Lowest Price for Product  Difference
5678              4                         3                              1
8945             10                      6.5                            3.5
9022             40                       40                              0

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@Arun Chandramouli


Please find the attached file to see my suggested solution.

And you need to fill down product ID as the below screenshot to make the solution works.




Hope that help