Price before discount

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I am trying to know the price of laps before discount. 

keep in mind the discount is fixed 30 pounds on the total of the receipt. 

I'm putting sample.

Sheet 2 contains completed sample as I was having the price before and after for this case. 

sheet 1 contains the reset.  

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@MarinaSaadalla Some rounding variances are inevitable, but you would have to use a formula as shown in the picture.

Screenshot 2021-05-26 at 10.27.07.png

The key here is that you fix the reference, (i.e. make it absolute) to the Total Price before Discount (in this case, B12) by using the $ sign in front of the column and row reference.

@Riny_van_Eekelen  thank you with the equation it really helped me. 

I'm facing another problem with finding the search criteria in the pivot table …. hope you can help me with it. 

I'm trying to make the search criteria to be highlighted in my pivot but it failed   


Oops, I found no one PivotTable in the sample

Hi @Sergei Baklan the sheet named with pivot table data is el column I want to compare the search criteria with ... I couldn't put all the pivot table as the data is confidential.

Hope you can help me to search with the criteria in the pivot table data and find the the duplication colored.