Preventing automatic page breaks in Excel 365

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I've a 2 page worksheet but excel generated a multipage document automatically which according to the help files cannot be removed.  How do I prevent that from happening in the first place.  In other versions of excel I could easily place page breaks where I wanted them?

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The Insert menu still has a page break option for you to do this manually.

@mathetes but that works only for breaks you have inserted, not those inserted automatically.



If you insert a break before the automatic one, that in effect removes the automatic one. You say it's a two page worksheet and are complaining--presumably--that the automatic one isn't where you want it. The automatic one comes when the data will no longer fit on the first page. If you just put a "manual" one in before that, the automatic won't still happen, not at the same place at any rate.


Point being it's possible for you to be in control.


There's also an ability to change the whole page setup so that all two pages are compressed to fit on a single page. That's not what you want, I'm pretty sure, but it supports the contention that you DO have control over how things are displayed,

@mathetesA colleague sent me a spread sheet we've been using for years.  It consists of 2 landscape formatted pages each with a formatted table containing several columns adjusted to fit the page. That's what I loaded into MS365's version of outlook.  What appeared on the screen was a totally reformatted mess with overhanging margins, extra page breaks etc. Following the directions I chose columns close to the page break and tried to remove it, no luck.


Perhaps a spreadsheet generated in an older version of Excel is incompatible?

Thanks, I think the problem occurred when I sent the file to my boss who added sum numbers in Apples version of Excel, saved it as an Excel file and returned it to me. Something happened along the way. I've asked him to take a good look at the formating in his machine and assure it is correct before saving it.

Thanks, I'll let you know how it all works out!



You mentioned your boss using "Apple's version of Excel" and I wanted to ask (just for curiosity's sake) do you mean Apple's version of a spreadsheet, otherwise known as Numbers? Or Excel on Mac.


I'm a user of Mac hardware, but always use Microsoft's version of Excel on my Macs. Those are something like 95% the same as the Windows version....a few features (Power Query and the like) aren't available, but most others are. And I doubt that adding numbers per se would change things IF your boss is using Excel for Mac. Can't speak to Numbers, however. That might indeed mess things up. Encourage your boss to get Excel for Mac, if that's the case.