Preparing daily cash flow and bank reports

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Hi! I am looking for your help to design easiest automated report which includes daily retails and at end of month there is a consolidated report underneath. End of every month i want a report to trigger details by selecting catevory as in the colomn header and month wise also.

please note there are 2 sheets i want help with.. 1. P.T CASH (as in PETTY Cash)
2. bank
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I think you'd help us help you if you:

  • added a fair amount of transactional data under the "data" tab (assuming that it is the source of data for filling in those reports you want filled)
  • disabling (or disconnecting for the time being) any reliance on external data sources...I certainly don't want to have to be directed elsewhere; I can't speak for others here in the techcommunity in that regard, but I suspect I'm not alone.
  • let us know what version of Excel you're working with. It would be very helpful if you have the most recent, and/or a subscription to Office 365, because it has some functions that could be very useful to you.


So far as your own design process is concerned: my advice would be to concentrate on the functional issues first; get to colors and font formatting this stage, too much energy put into prettification can actually get in the way of functionality.