Predicting the complexity of a project based on a set of rules- Power Query/VBA/Macro


Hi All,

Hope you are doing well!...I am trying to predict the complexity of a project based on a set of questions (with each question having a drop down of anwers)-Column C(Please input your understanding) has the list of option to be chosen for each question..Based on the value chosen -the value to be assigned it can be taken from the Column E (notes column) and the value taken from the column E should be multiplied with value from Column D and finally all the values should be added to get the final score based on which the recommendation should pop up as a dialog box based on the guildelines on the output sheet in the second tab ...The recommendation should come up as a dialog box on the input sheet after the user has clicked through all the options in the input sheet...
Can you please help me here...Attached the file!


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