Precise positioning for printing / PDF

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I'm trying to develop some templates with multiple worksheets containing text, numbers, graphs and a logo. These are eventually converted to a multipage .pdf.

I want to position some elements to appear on the exact same position on each page. In Excel I can't find a way to see the exact print preview - even when I set the page size to A4 (210 x 297mm, and insert a rectangle of exactly that size in the upper left corner of a worksheet, and set print scaling to 100%, Excel is not providing a .pdf with the rectangle covering the entire page,

In the Page Layout mode, the rectangle does not show the same proportions of the page.

Is it possible to position content on exact positions with a .pdf / print in mind? (e.g. exactly at 2 cm from the left and 3 cm from the top).


My question for short:

How to get a professional looking multipage .pdf, with the same font sizes on each page, the same margins and repeating elements on the exact same position?

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Can you perhaps post a sample spreadsheet so we might see what you mean?