pre populate based on a drop down menu selection

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I'm working on a spreadsheet & need some help.  I'll try to explain easily. 

C1: I input a type of steel (from a drop down 1018 CF, Plate, Tube, etc).

each of those steel types has a certain weight per piece. (ie 1 piece of 1018 is 32.50 lbs)

I want my spread sheet so that if in C1 I select 1018, it will automatically pre-populate cell D4 with the corresponding weight. 


I have a separate sheet with all my drop down items, one of them is steel type, and next to it the next it, the next column is the set weight per piece. Example: 

   A            B

1. 1018       32.50

2. Plate       132.98

3. Tube       14.34


So on my main sheet, when I select A2, I want B2 to automatically populate D4

when I select A3, I want B3 to automatically populate in D4


Does that make sense? Is that even possible? 



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Yes, that makes sense! You need to learn the XLOOKUP function (or the VLOOKUP function if you do not use Excel for Microsoft365.)

Here is information on each one:




See if you can apply the concept by your self (best way to learn). If you still struggle, let me know.