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Hi all,


I am trying to set up a Sign out sheet for the PPE that some of our engineers use and to remove it from the stock value.


Essentially in Cell B3 in the sign-out sheet page, there is a drop-down with a choice of a few PPE items.


Depending on what is selected there for sign-out i want to subtract 1 from the correlating item in the stock sheet page.


an example would be if sign-out sheet B3 = Safety glasses then stock sheet B3 would reduce by 1 form 15 down to 14.



I hope this makes sense, 

thank you so much for any help!!!

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You can check if the worksheet change event in the attached file returns the intended result if you change cell B3 with the drop-down in the sign-out sheet.


Yeah that's seems to do what I was looking for exactly.
Thank you, I am still quite new to the more technical aspects of Excel.