PowerPivot Table - Total Column as a Multiplication of Values

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Good afternoon,

I am trying to create an additional total column in power Pivot Table as per the yellow highlighted column in my Snip Below:


The Total Rate is the "Rate" column, multipled by the "Total Hrs";

The Data for Rate for certain Roles is coming from a Lookup table which is linked to a data table containing all of the relevant hours worked by specific roles on specific Dates.


any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thankyou.


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@TamlerloversKant Not sure that I have the perfect answer for you, but with a few DAX measures you can somewhat achieve what you want, though you get some extra columns.

See attached.

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As variant you may add row with Rates moving Values into Rows section


Not to show in each column measure could be

Rate total::=IF( HASONEVALUE( Table1[Date]Table1[Date]), BLANK(), [Rate] )
Thanks Riny, Much appreciated. thats a great option.
Thanks Sergei, thats ideal!