PowerPivot - Linking unique identifier not working

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Hello!   I'm creating a power pivot table linking a revenue file (what our system has generated based on our services) to tie it to what our insurance provider has paid us for a specific claim (specific client and date of service).  


I've done the following:

1.  Created a unique identifier on our billing file by joining the name with the date of service (I've tried both using the date formatted as a date and the date being converted to text) - this was built into the query.

2. Created the same type of identifier on the payment file that we receive from the insurance company - this was done using the same concept - name and date.

3.   Created the link between them from the DataModel.


When I run a pivot table - it allows me to bring the paid amount over into the values column but tells me relationships may been to be created - however, they are already there.  I've validated using v-lookup that the unique identifiers should match in sheet one to sheet 2.   It does populate the table with values, however, it summarizes the total amount paid for all clients and displays it down the rows (not based on the unique ID).    Anyone have any ideas?  Thank you so much! 

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