Power Query Table.Group Doesn't Keep Sort

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I'm new to Power BI, so any help would be appreciated.  I've gotten pretty far in my query building, but I'm stuck.  Essentially I wanted to create a unique Index based on "PHN Combo" (i.e. PHN Combo A 1,2,3, PHN Combo B 1,2, etc.).  However I wanted it to be sorted by "Birth Date."  Unfortunately when you create the it ignores the previous sort.  So I tried to add a "Each Table.Sort" to my query, and it didn't work.  I know I did something wrong (because I have no idea what i'm doing).  Can someone help me please?  Thanks 


Here's my formula:


"= Table.Group(#"Sorted Rows1", {"PHN Combo"}, each Table.Sort(_,"Birth Date", Order.Ascending), {{"Count", each Table.AddIndexColumn(_, "Index", 1,1), type table}})"

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Hi @Adam Underwood



I seem to remember coming across this in the past and  the "trick" was to add a normal index column after doing the sort,  then after grouping you can delete the index column


Adding the index step seems to force Power Query to keep the sort order


Give it a go and let us know how you get on

You beautiful person...It worked! thank you!

@Wyn Hopkins Love in the time of corona! thank you.