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In short, how do I create a column that lists a row's corresponding filename when combining multiple workbooks from a SharePoint folder?



I am sourcing multiple workbooks (raw reports) from a SharePoint folder. Annoyingly the reports do not have dates included in the data. However, I need a date to be included.


To get around the issue of no date, all the reports have been named with their corresponding date.


In the past using a local folder or a synced one drive folder I have been able to use the transform file name into text and then date when I and transforming and combining the data. However, when I have done this in the past I ultimately run into data source issues.  This project needs to be portable and not run into these issues. Thus, I have been trying the SharePoint folder option.


Steps Taken So Far

1. Loaded my SharePoint folder URL

2. Filtered the Folder Path to correct folder

3. (STUCK) Combined Files - no Name column once combined


I have tried multiple things to no avail and have searched for solutions but cant seem to find anything. The Closet thing I came to was here https://community.powerbi.com/t5/Desktop/Retain-file-name-in-a-column-when-using-Sharepoint-Folder-a... but the answer didn't provide me with much clarity. I also tried to retrofit the answer supplied here https://community.powerbi.com/t5/Desktop/Retain-file-name-column-when-using-Folder-as-a-data-source-... & https://youtu.be/LPC3aPyi5BE 


Any help would be super appreciated. Let me know if you need more info.




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