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Power Query not loading functions

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I'm using MS Office Home & student 2019. I want to transform the data from my current workbook. I open the Power Query editor as a Blank query and while typing the function "Excel.CurrentWorkbook" in the formula bar, the functions don't show up as I type. Instead, I have to type it manually keeping in mind it's case sensitive. Once I type the function, it will ask to Invoke parameters and then it gets the data from the current workbook. 


Can anybody please help me with resolving this issue? 

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Is that option enabled


and do you type with "=" sign?


@Sergei Baklan 


Hi Sergei,

Thank you for responding to my query.

The option to enable the "M intellisense" is missing in my Excel query options. I have attached the screenshot.
I did start the formula with "=" operator, but still no changes.


Thank you.



If intellisense is missing when it's nothing to do with that. Sorry, I don't know shall it be available for 2019 or not and on which versions.

@Sergei Baklan 


I have attached the screenshot of my Excel version. If anybody can clarify if it is specific to the version or some options that must be enabled, would be a great help. I couldn't find much from other sources regarding this issue.


Thank you

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@Sergei Baklan 


I guess it's an Excel version issue after checking with two other systems with Office 365.


It is just mind-boggling that, I have a power query but to get just formulas automatically loaded while typing, I have to change the Excel version.


Thank you for providing a quick input on my query.


Yes, all latest functionality is on 365, better to use it. You are welcome.

power query.pngas you see Mr Sergi i don't have formula part! what i do ?

i have tha same problem, and i have the last version of office 365


I also can't find an answer to the problem all over the internet, really strange





On which exactly channel, version and platform you are? That's in File->Account


@Sergei Baklan 


HI Sergei


Attached are screenshots


Thank you








Hi sergei,

did you manage to understand the problem?

Thanks Doron


Sorry, I missed your previous reply. Unfortunately I don't know the answer. In general such subscription shall have M intellisense. However, perhaps there are some limitation for local versions.

I'd recommend to ask same question on, they are more close to the support. Or, if you have such option, ask support directly. If you ask above please mention you platform (Windows, Mac), subscription type and channel on which you are. Plus on which locale you are.

Sorry again for having no answer.

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