Power Query - Loading a file

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I would like to know if it is possible to load a file from the Downloads folder, but use a path that does not use the name of the user profile.


Instead of: c:\users\Philip\downloads\file.csv


the path would look like c:\users\%USERPROFILE%\downloads\file.csv


The idea is anyone in my team would be able to update the query after downloading the 

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There are 4 trick to get username described here 4 ways to get USERNAME in Power Query That is 3 years old post but still actual. 

Most simple way is to take user who accessed the User folder last, practically always that will current user.

Script is like

     Users = Folder.Contents("C:\Users"), 
     CurrentUser = Table.FirstN(
          Table.Sort(Users,{{"Date accessed", Order.Descending}}),1)[Name]{0},
     GetFile = Csv.Document(
               "c:\Users\" &
               CurrentUser &
          [Delimiter=",", Encoding=65001, QuoteStyle=QuoteStyle.None]

but that only works Downloads folder was not moved into other location for concrete user.