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I have created a query from various tables situated in the same workbook, non of which are connected to the data model. The query is not loaded to any table, it`s sole purpose is to collect and sort data. I have added the query to the data model and established the required relations, but when I try to refresh power query the refresh hangs, I have cleared the Cache, reinstalled Office, remade the query to assure that there are no name or data conflicts but the problem persists. The only solution I found was to load the query to a sheet and load the corresponding table to the data model. I tried to load other queries directly to the data model and encountered the same problem. Am I experiencing some sort of problem or is just not possible to load a query directly to the data model? 

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Are you on Excel 2016? It was similar bug on it some ago.

In general it shall work, that's one of the basis operations to load directly to data model.

@Sergei Baklan I am on the subscription 365 Business version


Something is wrong in your environment. I'd suggest to Send a Frown from File->Feedback.