Power Query: List with values and names split across working days

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Hello all,


I am wondering if it will be possible to split values from a list to working days.


Document i have: List of over 100 individuals with the total working days in a month.


Document i want: List of those 100 individuals split over working days of a certain month and the total working days split over that period.


I am using latest version of excel and have Power Bi as well if needed.



What i have

Person A15
Person B20
Person C18



What i want


Person A01/06/2022 (DD/MM/YYYY)1
Person A02/06/20221
Person A03/06/20221
Person A05/06/20221
Person Aetcetc until the total working days is filled.
Person B01/06/2022 1
etc etc until the total working days is filled.



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Hi @GeDemu 


Start date not mentioned so I assumed 1st working day of current Month/Year (easy to change)

Function WORKDAY by ImkeF


See attached file