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I have a power query and I have dates and need to know if its possible to group by the middle of the quarter within power query?  I see grouping is possible but in Transform Data but the only options for the date column is beginning of quarter or end and I do not see "middle".  


maybe there is a creative way to do this?  


thank you

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Hi @Tony2021 


Could you please attach sample data with your desired results showing it manually 


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There is no built-in transformation on middle of the quarter. You may do it yourself by adding custom column with it, if only you define what the middle of the quarter is. Quarters have different number of days, for Q1 it also depends that's leap year or not. You may add 45 days to the beginning of quarter, or add to the start of quarter (end - start +1)/2, the only is to decide to round up or down if quarter has odd number of days.

Having such column you may use it for grouping.