Power Query Connectors missing?

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Trying to do a deeper dive into Power Query through Excel (Get and Transform Data). When I select "From Database," my options are limited. I see only SQL Server, Access, Analysis Service, and SQL Server Analysis Services Database.

As far as I am aware, I should also see other RDBMS connectors, e.g., MySQL, PostgreSQL, and a whole list of other databases.

I went to the Power Query Connectors page, and I saw information on a whole range of connectors, but no capability to download any of them.

I have Power BI installed on my machine, and I can see all those data sources in the desktop, if that helps.


Can you assist in resolving my inability to connect to other data sources?


FYI, I am on a Windows (11) laptop, 64-bit, with an Office 365 personal subscription.





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Hi, @TomTomas 


You may use a workaround that will hopefully allow you to add the different data connectors.


Go to File > Options > Customize Ribbon > Select 'All Commands' in the left table.


Create a new Tab in the right table, and rename it as per your preferences.

Then while selecting the new Tab, find the desired command (connectors) in the left table. Press Add>> button.



Please let me know if it works for you.




Hi @tauqeer,

Thanks for the response!

Unfortunately, I don't see many of the options in your screen shot (particularly, the ones I don't have). I see the options that I already have.