Power Query Column size changes

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Need help with column size  that automatically changes when gets updates from data through Power Query. Tried to repair Office, run updates, device is updated, using Excel App with Office 365 Family license. And using updated Windows 10.

Tried to set the column size default or whatever other size but it still goes back to the initial size. 


Please help set the column size to default or somehow lock it so column will not change from wide to narrow when updating.

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@Quadruple_Pawn That option is unselected but it keeps doing it...

@Wallybok If it is the table that is loaded from PQ to a worksheet that you don't want to change column widths, select the respective table and on deselect the option to resize the column width in the table options.


Hi there, have a look at the screenshot, is this you mean?
I did untick the "Adjust Column width" but nothing...it goes every time