Power Query append query 2 results to query 1 results

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I hope someone might be able to help me with something I assumed would be simple. 



I currently use VBA to connect to two different network shares, from which I grab lots of CSV files (machine logs). There are two machines that produce CSV files in the same format/structure. I then process all the data with VBA and produce dashboard reports. 



I want to (where practical) remove as much VBA as possible and want to use Power Query to get the CSV files and do the initial data clean ups


So far, I have two queries (one for each machine/network share) that are working fine,


However, I cannot workout how (in power query) to combine the requests and append query 2 results to the query 1 table.


Effectively; Im looking to build a query that connects to two locations, combines all the CSVs from both, does the cleaning I defined and produces one table as a result


I think Im missing something obvious, could anyone shed any light



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@ITTom365 Make sure you have both "connection only" queries in one Excel file. Then, on the Home tab in the PQ editor, select Append Queries as New and follow the instructions in the next screen.


Now you'll have one larger table where you can perform your clean-up transformations.



That really was very simple - thanks