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I am a new Mac user and I don't know if the version is  different from a Windows. So I am trying to locate the power query but I couldn't find it under Data. 

Also, would like to ask if there's anyone here who can give me ideas/suggestions about how to import multiple rpt or txt files into an excel? Its for work purposes and I needed to import raw files from year 2015 up to date into 1 excel file (that is why I am exploring the use of Power Query). These data contains customer details and I needed it when locating a specific data from various rpt/txt files into 1 excel if its possible?


Hoping someone who can help me with this.

It would mean a lot, thank you!

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Hi @Lyca_123 


yes, there is a big difference between Windows and Mac as far as Power Query is concerned: On Mac computers, Power Query was not available at all and Microsoft has rolled-out some PQ functionality to Mac computers just recently.

Here you can find some additional information:




Maybe this helps


@Lyca_123 Microsoft recently added Power Query to the Mac version. You need the newest version of Microsoft 365 for it. All older version won't support it. 

Import Data in Excel for Mac 

Hi, thank you. I found it but I just recently discovered that I am using the 2021 version and not the 365
Hi, thank you for the response.


Make an Automator workflow like this one


Screen Shot 2022-06-05 at 10.56.58 PM.png