Power Pivot - "Errors in Linked Tables" problem

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Hi All!


I have a workbook with 4 tables. I have added these tables to Power Pivot in which I'm performing a number of calculations, both calculated column and measures. 


The workbook worked just fine when I was creating the model, added calculation and so forth. When doing this I did not change any content of the source tables. 


However, when I was happy with the calculations in the model I added a row in one of the source tables, I then hit the "updated all" button in the Power Pivot ribbon and got the message "Errors in Linked Tables" with the only options to Do nothing, Change Excel table Name, Remove link to excel table or Delete PowerPivot Table!


All the linked tables are updated except the one where a added a row! If I remove the added row again and hit "update all" it works fine! If I only change the values in the "original" row and hit "update all" it works fine!


What might be causing this? To me it dosn't seems to be related to the way I created the model or the type of data in the source tables. 


Thanks in advance! 

// Filip 

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Possible reason if you change data type adding the row to the source table. For example, added text to the column where were only numbers.


If you simply add empty row and copy/paste previous row on this place, do you have the same error?