Power Pivot - Connection Properties: Connection name [why changed and how to fix?]

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I have static Excel tabs that "feed" the PowerPivot data for a particular file; nothing is external in this example (ie no SQL connections, etc.). I update this file monthly, renaming the file for the new month and copy/paste/value the new data to respective tabs, then refresh all several times. I'm now getting an error message upon refresh "The parameter is incorrect" (example attached).  The problem appears to be the "Connection Properties / Connection Name" (which I've never noticed or used in the past), is pointing to an older copy of the file (example attached). Somehow the file "connections" are not changing when I rename the file for a new month. 


I've recently encountered this PowerPivot issue with several files (in the last month or so), and I've been using PowerPivot for years. Any guidance would be appreciated. I've included 2 screen shots below, if helpful, to see the Connection Properties and resulting error message when I try to refresh.


Thank you so much!

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I'm experiencing this problem too. 

Did you ever get to the bottom of it? And find a fix?