Power Pivot Calendar Date range unable to update

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Hello Guys!


Please, i need some help and no where else to get this but here in the community of excel guru's.


Please i've a power pivot calendar which ends in 2020 and i would like to extend this till as far as possible (e.g. 2024). 


My challenge is, after clicking the design tab and under the calendars group clicked the 'date table' drop down, my "Update range" option is blurred out (meaning i'm not able to select it). 


Please i'm perplexed and would be ready to explain and reexplain this challenge i'm having as many times as possible for help.


Thank you. 

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@YazeedO  - I had the same issue today. Go to power pivot design, in calendar group mark the calendar as date table. after that you will be able to change the range.

@YazeedO I have the same issue in excel 365. :( 

@JrochaI have a Power Pivot data table which I somehow set to have an end date of 12/31/9999! I am trying to reset it, but when I click on the button to update the range, the dialog never appears.
I have another older spreadsheet with a small date range that works fine, and I tried to use that to rest my Date table template. No luck on a new spreadsheet.
I have also rest MS Office, and also no luck.

Where is the Date template stored? I was going to try to delete or fix the template to solve this without an uninstall and reinstall.