Power Pivot Add In missing

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Dear all,


I would like to activate Power Pivot ( Win11/Office365). Via Excel->Option I select Com Add In Power Pivot. Subsequently a file dialog opens pointing to a Add In Folder. But this folder is empty.

Where can I download the req. Add In




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It shall be like this


There is no way to download and install it on 365. It is available for your subscription or now. You may check here https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/where-is-power-pivot-aa64e217-4b6e-410b-8337-20b87e1c2a4b

Thanks you for the answerer. 


The point is I have Office365. may there was a previous Office16 installation.

But the Add In can't be loaded as the folder is empty.

I have reinstalled office and it is still the same. 


Any Idea ?





Do I understand correctly if you click on check box against Power Pivot -> Ok -> restart Excel, nothing happens?

Yes. because the req. source data is not there


I'd try to repair Office (full one)