Power BI hierarchies missing when data model consumed in Excel

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I posted this issue in the Power BI forums.

Power BI hierarchies missing when data model consu... - Microsoft Power BI Community

After internal review, the Power BI team said this is an Excel issue and directed me to post here.


If a Power BI model contains a DirectQuery or Dual mode table, and that same model also contains attribute hierarchies, those hierarchies are not accessible when the model is consumed through Excel.



Model with single table in import mode containing a hierarchy in Power BI Desktop



Published model viewed from Excel. Hierarchy works fine in import mode!



Model with single table in DirectQuery mode containing a hierarchy



Hierarchy missing in Excel



As we have many Excel users on our Power BI enterprise model and also rely on several hierarchies, this prevents us from optimizing our model with any type of aggregation or hybrid table. We are stuck with import on every table and cannot pursue any advanced refresh or query optimization strategies. 



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same topic... is there any news?
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